Ieuan's MSc GradutationAbout IC Sports Therapy

…and the face at the forefront!

Sports Therapy IC was set up and founded by Ieuan Cranswick, MSc Sports Therapist and member of the Society of Sports Therapists.

Ieuan has strong Welsh roots, but has lived in Leeds, Yorkshire for the majority of his life. With a background in football, rugby (both union & league), and general fitness, Ieuan’s love for sport has provided a solid grounding and vast knowledge bank that has helped him in his career-focused endeavours. Ieuan attended the University of Wales where he completed a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports & Exercise Science and then later embarked on his MSc in Sports Therapy at Leeds Metropolitan University. He is also very close to completing his PhD.

Since completing his Masters degree, Ieuan has been working within gym environments where, in addition to working as a Fitness Instructor, he offers sports therapy and massage to members and non-members alike.

Despite having graduated from university twice (and now soon to make it a third), Ieuan’s passion for sports and sports therapy hasn’t ceased. Constantly reading and researching to expand his knowledge, Ieuan regularly writes articles covering a wide range of topics surrounding sporting injuries. You can check the latest ones out on the IC Sports Therapy blog. He has attended related conferences around the country, including London and Manchester, and has also recently completed a course in nutrition. There’s not much about health and fitness that Ieuan hasn’t dabbled in – if you’re wondering about something, you might as well ask!

Although having moved around for his studies, Ieuan has been drawn back to Yorkshire which now serves as the IC Sports Therapy base. Working primarily out of his comfortable treatment room and having access to a state-of-the-art fitness facilities in Otley, Ieuan is also in easy-reaching distance of, Ilkley, Yeadon, Guiseley, Harrogate, and Wetherby if you are looking for a mobile service.


Society of Sports Therapists logoIeuan is a fully-registered member of the Society of Sports Therapists and has a wide-range of knowledge and experience!


There’ll never be an awkward silence if you fancy talking about something sports-related. Rugby? Definitely. Weight-lifting? Go on, then. Interpretive dance? … well, he’ll give it a go.

Attention To Detail

Ieuan’s slight OCD means that no mess will ever be left behind. He’s got higher standards than Kim and Aggie when it comes to cleaning!


If it’s last minute, it might not be a problem. Ieuan knows that normal working hours aren’t always an option and he’s happy to try and fit in around you. Ask and he’ll do his best for you!


Whilst this isn’t an advertisement in the Lonely Hearts column, a sense of humour is pretty important when it comes to spending an hour 1-1 with a client. Ieuan tries to make each session as relaxed as possible.